Simply. Better. Since 1981


40+ year history


You say Hot Dog, We Say Bratwurst

A Bratwurst fresh from the grill at our stores is an honest and simple thing. As we say “It’s all about the sizzle”. The waft and smell of authentic German Bratwurst appeals to all… Professionals, students, parents – everyone is the same here. We all share the desire for a really tasty Bratwurst.

Extrawurst is committed to this snack tradition. Not poor quality and fast money at any price, but the tastiest Bratwurst is our goal and has been for over 40 years!

Our stores are not about a “gourmet experience”. You won’t find any frills such as gold leaf, salad or over complicated names for dishes on the menu. Instead, we focus on “good honest craft”, the best and controlled meat quality, natural spices and special recipes that make up the authentic Bratwurst taste. It’s not a complex offer, just a simple, manageable selection of “honest” down-to-earth dishes.

The whole thing is served ready to eat, in a relaxed, informal manner – just as honest as our dishes.


Simply. Better.

Honesty is the guiding principle in everything we do and this applies to how we operate aswell our product selection: “Knowing where it comes from” and “knowing what’s inside” is a matter of course for us.

That is why we pay attention to using the best ingredients for our authentic products as well as being socially responsible not only for what is on our plate, but for everything that is used in Extrawurst.

As a experinced operators, we only cooperate with reliable, local professionals from the food trade, logistics, equipment manufacturing and interior design – everyone benefits from this.

Our store formats are functional and have well-thought-out efficiency, Our stores are designed for the challenges of everyday operations – this is what makes us commercially viable and, last but not least, for our customers to enjoy Extrawurst…

…Great quality, thorough preparation, consistent operations, an excellent authentic taste experience, served at price points to suit all pockets.


The Taste is in the Sizzle!

it’s especially “about the Bratwurst”, we have the highest demands on our own, exclusive recipes and on the manufacturers of our products, which we handpick. This of course includes the selection of meat from species-appropriate, controlled rearing and the best traditional processing.

We don’t just put everything in a bag. We look after our customers by prepariing freshly cooked crispy fries, fried in high-quality rape seed oil for a better taste and longer oil life.


Best Quality. Handcooked.

“We love the Bratwurst”, but we are also very proud of our signature and exclusive hand-cooked sauces, which we have made especially for us.

We believe that the products and methods used to prepare the best snack experience need passion, skill, knowledge, personal commitment and a lot of experience. The ethos of this family rooted company appraoch is the very same special way that we operate the business.

Keeping it short and simple: you can see, smell and taste our product philosophy – and it works very well, for our customers and for our partners, because Extrawurst is “Simply Better”

"Sustainability" is easy to say,
but is lived every day at Extrawurst.

Simply. Sustainable.

Conscious enjoyment, premium quality, sustainability and being economic are not things we just say, they are things that at Extrawurst we do and make part of our business. This can give us a clear competitive advantage!

  • Regional products & local suppliers used to source “Authentic” product
  • Family recipes for our original Bratwurst and our hand-cooked sauces
  • Resource-saving and thought through internal and external processes
  • Careful, considerate, traditional production, keeping the best craftsmanship tradition alive
  • Recyclable, Compostable or bio-degradable packaging
  • Quality & durable materials used for longevity of investment



  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Team engagement & retention
  • Partner satisfaction
  • Customer loyalty
  • Commercially efficient