A company with history

      instead of a business full of fairy tales.

Honest tastes best!

The story of Extrawurst has a delicious start…

“I was full of energy and had to make sure that I could support my family,” recalls Lothar Hagebaum. “It should be something else. In a pastry shop, the confectionery is passionately made in the bakery – and then sold by someone else at the front of the counter. The customer does not notice much of the confectioner’s enthusiasm. So I wanted to do something where I could manufacture and sell something at the same time. “


No walk in the park – coming up with new ideas

Before founder Lothar Hagebaum turned towards the grill he worked as a confectioner, baking all sorts of delicious cakes and tortes.

Back then in the 1970’s fries and sausages are still in the distant future – but the young father tirelessly works towards starting a business of his own.

A juicy idea.

Lothar Hagebaum wants to be his own boss – and a ground-breaking pioneering idea comes at a Christmas fare.

There the young German father notes an American stand with hamburgers and hot dogs, which he could not stop thinking about. Without further ado, he draws a sketch of his own stand and contracts a coach builder to make it.

In 1981 the time has arrived: in the German city of Plettenberg. Lothar Hagebaum opens his first Extrawurst.

No Lazybones – working his socks off.

To laze around? That is not an option for Kim Hagebaum (son of Lothar Hagebaum). Instead of twiddling his thumbs during school vacations the then sixteen years old boy turns sausages.

Meanwhile his father’s company has grown. He now puts up his stands predominantly at building supply stores and on the menu there are no more hamburgers and hot dogs but exclusively grilled sausages and fries.

Kim helps from morning to evening. He grills and he fries and often peels up to 70 pounds of onions per day. Still he cannot imagine a career at his father’s company – but this will change soon.

Handing over the reins.

“ I completed an apprenticeship as an assistant tax consultant” explains Kim Hagebaum today’s Extrawurst International CEO. “But looking out of the window of my office job back then, I only thought: I have to get out of here”.

No sooner said then done Kim Hagebaum quits and in 2004 he re-enters the sausage business. But does he get extra treatment being the founder’s son? Not a sausage!

Before taking over the executive post he must put on an apron, take the barbecue fork in hand and work behind the counter.

In the evenings and at the weekends he goes to school again studying business studies.

Good prospects instead of bad news.

Each year around 1,000,000 sausages and around 200,000 lbs of fries are sold.

Meanwhile Lothar Hagebaum has withdrawn from day-to-day business and has handed over the operational scepter to his son Kim.

In close cooperation with his employees Kim Hagebaum drives the company ahead and makes sure that Extrawurst will continue to stand for something very concrete: Simply Better!


In May 2021 Extrawurst UK LTD is created as the Master Franchisor for England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. This is the latest master franchisor agreement for Extrawurst International GmbH.

In June 2021, Sam Shutt is appointed as the CEO of the UK business with the plan to open the first stores in the midlands during the Autumn/Winter of 2021 and then grow through a franchise model in the spring of 2022 onwards.

Meet Sam

“As a nation we love sausages. I am confident our menu will appeal to consumers and entice them to become Bratwurst enthusiasts”.