Why you should join the Extrawurst team


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A family company with 40 years of experience
Founded in 1981
Our 40 years of experience speak for themselves, Since the company was founded in 1981 we have taken all our knowledge and experience to offer an honest, down to earth and robust snack system, We openly share our “Know How” with our franchise partners, for their joy, success and growth of the Extrawurst brand.
Owner-managed in the 
second generation & Full UK SUPPORT
Direct Support
Credibility and integrity - your success is always a "top priority" for us, The International business will remain owner-managed as a family company. The “UK Master Agreement” is set up on the same principles and will remain as a family company. For our franchise partners it means fast, uncomplicated and responsive communication, full commitment and direct support.
Commitment and trust
True to our tradition
Trust is good - security is better. With our franchise partners signature and investment, you are showing a high level of personal trust. This economical decision creates a strong connection and obliges us to remain true to our tradition and the values ​​we live... “To tirelessly give our best for the success of our franchise partners”. We do this not just as an organisation, we also do this as individuals
Future Security
4 decades of success
This is not a journey into the unknown - we know the needs, expectations and also risks before you take the challenging step into becomeing a Franchise partner. We will have close interaction with our partners throughout the setup process, location selection, training and then "go-live". We will then continue to support post opening with ad-hoc and structured coaching and audit visits. It is important to us that our partners can rely on the performance and intrinsic value of good locations and great operations. We are proud that we and our franchise partners have been proving the success of our brand through both of these areas for more than 4 decades.
Distinguished Brand Style
A genuine alternative in the UK Market
Our brand - simply unmistakable. With Extrawurst, our franchise partners and customers always know where they stand. We do not compromise on quality and our Extrawurst brand identity is clearly distinguishable in the market place, The substainable success of Extrawurst is based on solid comercial succes, the World famous authentic German Bratwurst, great deisgn, efficient workflow and extensive operational experience, along with robust know-how.
Innovative Strength
Focus on the future
With over 40 years of experince we have got a robust business and franchsie system. However we have nothing against amaking it better! This is why we are continuing to develop the look, feel and content of our brand for both today and with a focus on the future. We want to be be both considerate and collaboartive with our partners, whilst maintianing our core business values and brand identity.
Everyone counts
No I in team!
Not “I”, but “we” - because Extrawurst is only as strong as the entire team made up of both our brand colleagues and our franchise partners. Our approach, responsibility and our awareness as a family company really comes through in this area.... ...Success in all we do. driven through team spirit, communication and follow up are living components of our corporate culture. You may soon be able to experience it too as one of our franchise partners.
Beyond the Virus!
Extrawurst was not afraid of the Virus and the challenges that it brought. Whilst we would not want to have to go through the same period of life again, as a brand and food offer, we would not be concerned about facing into the same or similar challenges again. Nobody could have forseen or believed the extreme challenges that the Hospitality sector had to face. However, the robustness, commerciality and multiple format options of our concept proved to worked very well for our colleagues and franchise partners.